Mommy & Me Boutique Policy & Procedures

Mommy & Me Boutique Policy & Procedures

Effective October, 2010

Clothing must be in season and in excellent condition. We do not accept stains, pilling, rips, tears, etc. Sizing includes:

  • Boys from size newborn to 16
  • Girls from size newborn to 16
  • Maternity from XXS to XXL

Commissions can be negotiated for any specialty items.

Clothing drop offs can be made within the first 10 days of the month. Please call ahead of time, as there may be some months where we are not accepting any items. We limit the number of items to 1 garbage bag, tote or box (which can be easily moved by staff) per drop off period. Exemptions will be made for accounts with exceptional items.

Any items that are NOT clothing (toys, strollers, play pens, infant chairs, etc.) – can be dropped off at ANY time.

Item preparation: Please ensure all clothing is washed, and neatly folded. We will provide hangers and hang your items. It is optional to put your account number on your items. The advantage of this is the ability to match items back to your account if the tag is removed or falls off your items. All toys and equipment should be cleaned. Any items requiring batteries must be included with the item. All furniture and accessories must meet current government standards.

We will go through your items in priority of when they are dropped off. You can indicate during the drop off if you would like any unwanted items donated or returned to you. If you would like your items returned, we will call you immediately after reviewing your items. You will be given TWO WEEKS to pick up your items from when you are contacted. Any items that are not picked up within this period will automatically be donated.

If you would like a set price for your item, we must be notified when the item is dropped off. We will try and accommodate this for larger items (cribs, strollers, etc.).

Tags are colour co-ordinated. Multiple colours are used throughout the year, to monitor the date of the clothing which determines the discount amount (10%, 15%, 20%, etc.). Some items may be subject to a higher discount if they are included in the end of season sales, or seasonal inventory (ei/ Christmas items, Halloween, etc.).

Items will remain in store for a minimum of 6 months. (exceptions are halloween costumes and heavy winter items). You are welcome to pick up any unsold items at any time. We will provide you with a list of items in store, and it is your responsibility to pick them from the shelves. Any items left after 6 months become store inventory and are exempt from any commissions.