Upcoming Events:

Join Kamloops Moms For Clean Air at the Farmer’s Market on the 400 block of Victoria Street for CLEAN AIR DAY – June 4th, 2014 between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Bike to Work Week 2014:  

Kamloops Moms for Clean Air hope you had a great Bike to Work/School week

Events of 2013:

Since the whirlwind of events at the end of February and the first half of March 2013, Kamloops Moms For Clean Air (KMForCA) has been at various community events and sites to continue raising awareness, and keep the flow of discussion and education going, including:-

- May 4 2013: joining the 33rd Annual Walk for Peace, the Environment and Social Justice, at the Farmers’ Market and through downtown Kamloops.

- Taking the 3-D tabletop model to the Kamloops Family Market on April 13, where we were available for questions/discussion, and to distribute our fact sheet.

- April 4 – 11: NorKam Secondary School, making ourselves available for questions/discussion around the 3-D tabletop model that was designed by Kamloops citizens to show the proposed open pit copper-gold mine site in proximity to the city of Kamloops.

- Helping to raise funds for the new Animal Rehabilitation Centre at the BC Wildlife Park, while distributing our “Facts about Air Pollution and Children’s Health” fact sheet during the four day Easter weekend event.

March 12th, 2013Brown Bag Lunch with Cherise Udell

  • Midday, on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at the Hal Rogers Centre 2025 Summit Dr, Kamloops, anyone who is a Mom and anyone who has a Mom, came to hear Cherise Udell discuss effective strategies for people to engage in community change.  She reviewed aspects of to the “International Mining Playbook”, and gave all who attended keys to unlocking the tactics that mining companies bring to communities – called the “Citizen’s Playbook”.

March 11th, 2013 - Our Salt Lake City guests and Kamloops Radio and TV Media

  • Cherise Udell and Dr. Brian Moench spoke with Shelley Joyce on CBC Radio One – Daybreak
  • Cherise Udell spoke with Susan Edgell on CFJCTV Midday TV Show

March 10th, 2013 - When Mining and Urban Populations Collide – an afternoon with Cherise Udell and Dr. Brian Moench of Salt Lake City, Utah

  • If you missed this important presentation – it is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn about the health effects of living in close proximity to an open-pit mine such as the one proposed here in Kamloops …   We also have DVDs available for a nominal charge (available at our events or email us to order copies).
  • On Sunday, March 10, 2013,  2pm at the Parkside Lounge at the Interior Savings Centre, we were honoured to have Mr. Mel Rothenburger introduce our guests from Salt Lake City.  Read our former mayor’s recommendation for seeing this presentation at:
  • Can people make a difference when mining interests and urban populations collide?  Cherise Udell certainly thought so when she went all the way to London to hold Rio Tinto accountable for the pollution from the mine that was seriously affecting air quality in Salt Lake City.  While she was in London, she learned about the ”International Mining Playbook” which she talks about in her presentation to the people of Kamloops (in the March 10, 2013 video link above).  You can learn about her trip to London, and see how it all began on the following link - ”People and Power: the Great Olympic Greenwash” -

February 28th, 2013The Official Launch of Kamloops Moms For Clean Air

  • Here is a video of the speech explaining what we are all about.  Please share this with friends who couldn’t make it that day …
  • At the official launch of Kamloops Moms For Clean Air we asked Moms to please bring family and friends to join us on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at the TNRD building downtown, in the Art Gallery Studios, where there were healthy kids’ snacks provided by Conscientious Catering and a fun craft for children to colour and make pinwheels!
  • Those who attended began a community dialogue by writing down their concerns for both current and possible future air pollution issues in Kamloops.